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Dancing really is a great form of exercise for the body and the brain!


It's a fantastic way to stay fit, young and healthy because of the all round workout you get, whether you're doing a slower steady paced dance class or a more energetic dance fitness class. You use lots of different muscles all over the body and not just the major ones, like in cycling, swimming and running.


You also keep your brain working too, as you have to remember the steps and what comes next, which is very important as we get older.


When we exercise the body releases endorphins, which result in feelings of well-being. Since we dance to music, in a fun social environment, dancing is particularly effective at this and one of the best forms of exercise. It has been known to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Lisa understands the importance of the social element of dancing, so she strives to create a fun and friendly atmosphere at all the classes, where you'll get to know the other people there. She also organises social events during the year too, whether that's a meal out or tea and cake with the rest of your class, a theatre trip locally or in London or a Dance Party, usually at least one a year, where dancers gather from across all the classes.


It's great for 'brain health' to learn something new, even as we get older, so come along and give dancing a try! You never know, you might really enjoy it!

Dancing is good for you!

Research suggests dancing is one of the best forms of exercise, as seen in 2016 on the BBC programmme 'How To Stay Young'.

The Benefits of Dancing