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These are difficult times and we will all face many challenges in the weeks, months and probably years ahead. But, if we stay positive, unite together and adapt to these changing times, we will get through this. With so many people self isolating and everyone social distancing it's so important to keep exercising and as we all know, dancing is great for the body and the mind. Never has this been more important than now. Walking and running are good forms of exercise, but dancing allows you to take your mind off everything else when you're having to concentrate on the dance steps...let alone the arms! It's the social element too that makes it fun!


My focus during this time has solely been about keeping us all CONNECTED and to KEEEEEEP DANCING!


Now that I've temporarily had to stop all my classes across West Sussex, I'm now offering an ONLINE PACKAGE of materials for you. As a reuslt I've updated my website to make it easier for you to find the information you need that is relevant to now. There are a few options, depending on whether you'd like to try a live streaming class via Zoom or follow videos in your own time on YouTube and if you want everything on offer then you can have the Whole Bundle.


I know that for many of you who would usually attend one of my classes, the online package is not currently an option for you. It's been lovely to know some of you have been taking advantage of the WhatsApp group that I've set up for each class. I hope in your own ways you've been able to stay fit, active and positive.


I look forward to seeing you all in person dancing again soon.


Take care!