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• A great way to exercise without feeling like you're working out!

• Not as strenuous or continuous as FitSteps, Zumba or aerobics

• Cover lots of different dance styles in one class with varied


• Each week one routine will be repeated from the previous week

• Each style will be repeated a few times during one term

• Short routines making it easier to remember

• Enjoy a wide variety of music from oldies to current hits

• Run through the steps before dancing each track (so can pace


• All classes 1 hour in duration

• Sign-up requireD

• If classes are listed as FULL a waiting list is started

The Dance Fit class is for those who are more interested in improving fitness than learning to dance. There will be lots of styles covered in each class, whereas with the regular Dance Class you will learn just one style/routine each week.

"If you want the 'feel good factor' as well as exercise then join Lisa's Dance Fit class. It is an enjoyable way of exercising to great music. The dance routines are shorter versions to those taught in the Strictly Dance classes - a brilliant way of consolidating the dance steps if attending both classes. I can't believe exercising could be such fun. Thank you Lisa!"


Marylin, Steyning

"I'm having so much fun at class. I've learned all sorts of interesting dances steps without feeling silly and the bonus is, it's brilliant exercise as well!"


Diana, Steyning




• Further venue information can be found by selecting the relevant town in the sub-menu under the 'Venues' button above

• Please contact me if you would like to be put on the waiting list for any classes above that are listed as full

Dance Fit

DAY                           TIME                      TOWN                          VENUE                                                         SPACES


WEDNESDAY           10-11am                  STORRINGTON            Storrington Village Hall, High St                 FULL


THURSDAY              8-9pm                      WORTHING                  Clapham & Patcham Village Hall                FULL

(This is a temporary new venue - usually held at All Saints Church Hall)

I strongly recommend that you bring water with you to class.




Most of the classes which are listed as full are not permanently full. They just get particularly busy at the start of each term, when a lot of new people join. Therefore, in due course, spaces generally do become available and you can sign up to a waiting list for any specific class.

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