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The online package of material was started as a way of continuing to teach my classes during the coronavirus lockdown, whilst I was unable teach at my regular weekly venues. Since I usually teach those classes in blocks, I plan to continue with this system, so that it makes the transition back to teaching at venues much easier, as and when that time arrives. These blocks are usually about 6 weeks long, however, I plan to make them shorter now, in light of the fact there is so much uncertainty about how long the lockdown will continue and also how much longer the social distancing measures could remain in place.



From Monday 8th June to Friday 26th June, which is a total of 3 weeks.

Anyone who doesn't usually attend one of my weekly classes because they live too far away, or have commitments, should read the Sign-Up page. You don't need to worry about these dates because you can sign-up and start at any time.