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I've created a new online package since classes can't take place at my usual weekly venues. It includes videos to help you keep dancing at home and music suggestions to help you source your own music with whatever devices you have available to you at home.


Please be mindful of the environment in which you'll be working out/dancing. It's important that you ensure you have enough space, free from obstacles that may cause you harm. If you have a slippery floor (tiles, laminate) make sure you don't dance only wearing socks. I'm dancing on carpet and sometimes I find that works better for me, but wearing appropriate shoes to help support and cushion your feet is the safest option, which I recommend.


Those of you who may not have attended my regular weekly classes and haven't met me in person, please be mindful of your age, general fitness level and any pre-existing health issues that could adversely cause you harm, before you dance along to my videos. Don't try and do too much too soon. I strongly recommend you gradually ease yourself in, if you haven't been particularly active recently.


Above all, stay safe!