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I created the Online Package as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, since I've been unable to teach my classes at my regular weekly venues. Over the past month or so I've had a steep learning curve to bring all of this together, constantly trying to make it easier for you to access the material and improve your online dancing experience.


I've re-organised the website to help make it easier to see what's on offer, how much each Bundle costs and all the usual details about when to sign-up, pay etc. If there's anything you're unsure about, please just drop me an email. I'm more than happy to answer any queries and if necessary make things clearer on the relevant pages of the website.





Normally I teach three different types of class:

  • Dance Class

  • Dance Fit Class

  • FitSteps Class


I've amalgamated the two fitness classes and I shall just be referring to them as the Dance Fitness Class. In it, I'll take you through 8 dance routines covering 6 different dance styles, which means 2 of them will be repeated. I will cover more than the Ballroom and Latin styles that I'd normally do in the FitSteps class. Whilst I'll run through the steps before each routine (except for the repeated ones), these will be quicker than I'd usually do it during the Dance Fit class. Using the video at least allows you to go back over anything you aren't sure of if you want to.


The Dance Class remains the same, whereby I only focus on one dance style in each class and teach a whole routine all the way through, which we dance through to music at the end. The only main difference is that I'm facing you, whereas normally in class I stand with my back to you, which I know is easier to follow. A few of you have requested I do this for the dance run through at the end and it's a possibility I might include that if I have time. At this stage I'm afraid I can't guarantee that I will be able to do this for you, if I do, it will be a bonus for you!


In the Online Package you'll get the chance to try a live streamed Zoom Dance Class and/or YouTube Classes. You have options as to what you sign-up to now. Please see the relevant section above under Online Package to get more details about what each Bundle includes.





I'm unable to play copyright music in any of my classes, so from now on all music played will be Royalty Free. This means you'll no longer need to access other sources to play the music. However, I will continue to make music suggestions each week, so you can still take advantage of this option, should you wish to.