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I've produced a whole variety of videos that I've been sharing via my YouTube Channel (Strictly Dancing With Lisa). Most of them are FREE but some you need to pay to access (as indicated below). You don't have to go to my YouTube Channel to watch all the FREE videos. I've posted them in the following sections to make it easier for you to watch them and take part.


Warm Ups

Includes some stretching exercises - you should do one of these videos before any of the online Dance Classes or Dance Fitness Classes or just as a stand alone short routine


Cool Downs

Includes some stretching exercises - you should also do one of these videos at the end of a session


Dance Tips

These are a series of short videos to help improve your dancing experience, such as how to create soft arms and improving your balance


Dance Moves

Pay to access

I've created a series of videos focusing on the breakdown of individual moves to help you learn in your own time and so you can practice at home. There are two sets available to those who have not accessed these before. For those who took part in the online package during the spring/summer 2020, there is a special set put together for you of all new moves not previously been shared.


Online Package

FREE Samples / Pay to access

You can sign-up to the Dance Class videos of the Dance Fitness Class videos on YouTube (set of 7) or both. I've shared some free sample videos so you can try each type of class out before commiting to paying for the Online Package. See the Classes section for more info on this


Flash Mob

In 2013 I organised a Flash Mob routine in Worthing town centre to raise money for BBC Children in Need. You can watch this video here.


The Outtakes

This video was created using the footage I didn't show you when things went wrong!


Dance Like Nobody's Watching

I've created a series of dance videos where I'm literally dancing freestyle to some music. They're quite a departure from my normal dance classes, as they're far more emotive.


Modern Jive

As many of you know I used to teach modern jive partner dancing, but before that I did a little competing. It was a while ago now - 2005 - but in case you're interested, I've posted a couple of videos from the Britrock competition.


Other Videos

There's some other videos that don't come under any of the other headings above, and they'll be listed here eg The Outtakes video I created from all the footage I didn't show you when things went wrong!

PLEASE NOTE: Before you dance along to any of the videos I've produced you should make sure you've read the Health and Safety guidelines under the Home menu.