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Mondays • 6.15-7.15pm

(Main Hall)

This class currently has some SPACES, so any new people wishing to join, please contact me to sign-up to the class.

Sh DC (B&W) sm

"I so enjoy the classes and whatever the special something you have it certainly works. Keep up the good work and thank you."


Pauline, Shoreham


"I have so much fun in class every week. Even after a hard days work I can unwind and have a laugh with a group of lovely people. I recommend this as the most therapeutic type of exercise for all ages. Thanks Lisa."


Jill, Shoreham

"Great evening class, good fun, Lisa's enthusiasm helps us all feel like good dancers. Surprisingly good work out too!"


Sonia, Shoreham


If you attend multiple classes select the 'Multiple Classes' sub-menu under the 'Costs and Dates' heading above.

REMINDER: Please don't wear striped clothing to this class. One of the ladies suffers from epilepsy and the stripes can be a trigger. Many thanks.



If you wish to pay for the whole of the term at the start of the term, you can combine your two payments. You don't save money this way but it does mean you can get the payment out of the way.

Shoreham DC 2e b&w

UPDATE 17th April:


The planning meeting the Council wish to hold is not going to take place and affect our classes for Summer 1 after all. This means all the information below about the dates and costs for Summer 1 still stands and should not change. If you're able to sort out payment for the next block before the end of the current one, that would be great. Many thanks.



Summer 1 (5 weeks)

Full Block - £25.00 (all 5 classes)

Part Block 3 - £18.00 (any 3 out of the 5 classes)

Part Block 2 - £12.00 (any 2 out of the 5 classes)

Drop-in - £7.00 (by request only)



Summer 2 (6 weeks)

Full Block - £30.00 (all 6 classes)

Part Block 4 - £24.00 (any 4 out of the 6 classes)

Part Block 3 - £18.00 (any 3 out of the 6 classes)

Drop-in - £7.00 (by request only)



Summer 1: 5 WEEK BLOCK: Monday 14th May to Monday 18th June but with no class on Monday 28th May (Bank Holiday)


Summer 2: 6 WEEK BLOCK: Monday 9th July to Monday 13th August


There will be a 2 week mid-term break from Monday 25th June to Thursday 5th July.


Click on button to right to see full details on the pre-pay system and costs. However, new people joining the class for the first time can take advantage of the special offer.