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Help with Spotify

I know I'm not the only one who's felt frustrated with my computer over the last few weeks! The images at the top of the page could be me! It's usually involved me walking away and doing something else before I can more calmly deal with the tech problems I've had to face. But, I've learned a lot and have found a few useful things I thought I would share with you on these Troubleshooting pages. Hopefully, they'll help you!


Also remember, there's loads of help available online with regards to most troubleshooting issues. If you've read these two pages and still can't solve the issues you're facing, you could try typing the query into Google and seeing what you find. I'm also available to help, so please just ask!

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Playlist Links


Whilst downloading this free music playing app wasn't too tricky, clicking on the playlist links that I've sent out as part of the online package hasn't worked for everyone. What I've discovered is that it will depend a lot on the internet browser you use (ie Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc). So, if you have an alternate web browser, it might be worth giving it a try. Or alternatively, try copying the text of the playlist link and pasting it directly into web address bar at the top of your page. Hopefully that will resolve any issues with playlist links.

Playing Tracks in Spotify


If you do a search in Spotify for a specific track (also where you see the magnifying glass, as with any application) it will usually come up with one track that most closely matches your search and below show other possible results. If you click on the image of the track to play it, you'll see a timeline at the bottom with the track details and you can control play, pause etc. This is particularly good when you're not sure it's the version you want. You can see the duration of the track and if it's not the correct one, still see and choose one of the other alternatives above.


Another option, though, is to click not on the image of the track, but the title of the song (or even the artist if you want to see other choices). Doing this will show the whole album in the main central window and you can press play if you hover the mouse/cursor over the number of the track you wish to play.


Remember, with most things related to the computer - there's usually more than one way to do the same thing!


3 Little Dots   . . .


Ever seen these and wondered what they were for? If you click on these in whatever software/app you're in, it means there's more options (whether they're vertical or horizontal).


Creating Your Own Playlists


If you wish to add any track or album to a playlist of your own, clicking on the 3 little dots will be the way to do it. In the description I've explained above about seeing the whole album in the main central section of the Spotify window, you'll find those dots to the right alongside the length of the track. Click on them and scroll down to 'Add To Playlist' and you'll have a sub-menu appear with the title of any playlist you already have or you can create a New Playlist too.