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Summer Plans!

The latest government guidelines, as set out on Tuesday 23rd June for the 4th July onwards, are extremely limiting with regards to my classes. Although community centres, village halls etc were informed they could open, they were strongly advised against opening for indoor fitness and sport activity. As you may be aware all indoor fitness and dance studios, and indoor gyms and sports venues/facilities are required to stay closed by law. Whether my dance class, which is of a lower physical intensity than the fitness classes, is considered a sport activity is debateable (certainly when I consider that I'd only be teaching slower dance styles during the summer months where there's a lot less movement than usual). I'm completely reliant on the individual centres as to whether they will consider allowing that type of class to go ahead. At the moment, there is only one venue that is currently considering it. If it were to allow me to hold my dance class, it would be with far fewer participants than usual, to allow about a 3 square metre space for each person to move within so as to avoid entering another persons dance/air space. I felt this was appropriate/necessary taking the social distancing measures into account.


I had hoped the government would increase the number of people that could meet outside for exercise. However, sadly, they haven't, which rather drastically reduces what I can achieve in an outdoor class in the park. It is less cost effective for me, but not impossible. Many of you have already indicated you're happy to wait to return to classes in the autumn, when hopefully this might be an option. I certainly look forward to seeing you all then and hopefully returning to some kind of normal.




Dancing in an outside space is not without its risks. Further details will be available nearer the time with regards to this, but from a social distancing point of view, it is my intention to mark out an area on the ground for each person to dance within (2m+), to make sure you keep within your own dance space.

For those of you keen to do some kind of class with me during the summer please read on. Below I've outlined a potential new temporary timetable, which I've devised based on the interest that has already been expressed by yourselves and the possible inclusion of some online classes. However, please note this is dependent on several factors and is not set in stone. Permission has to be granted, numbers have to be viable and of course, we are reliant on the great British weather, which we know can be very mixed during July/August.


Please make sure you let me know which of the following interests you by Monday 13th July (it doesn't have to be your usual town/location either). If you've already been in touch, unless you have changed your mind or want to be more specific, I'll assume those that indicated they wanted to join the classes indoors, will now want to outdoors. After 13th July I'll endeavour to finalise a plan and update you on what will go ahead.

Last Updated: 12pm on 29/6/2020




Each of these classes will be restricted to 5 participants



5.00-6.00pm - Dance Class, Buckingham Park, Shoreham

6.15-7.15pm - Dance Class, Buckingham Park, Shoreham



1.30-2.30pm - Dance Fitness Class, Bramley Green Park, Angmering



12.00-1.00pm - Steyning - IF THEY OPEN

1.45-2.45pm - Dance Class, Hill Barn Recreation Ground, Worthing

7.00-8.00pm - Dance Fitness Class, The Gallops, Findon Valley, Worthing



11am-12pm - Dance Fitness Class, Buckingham Park, Shoreham

12.15-1.15pm - Dance Fitness Class, Buckingham Park, Shoreham




To make these options financially viable I need to know if there's enough interest in light of the fact there will now be some other options for you. I'm expecting fewer numbers because many people won't participate in classes during the summer or won't need online class if they can access one outdoors. However, that might not be possible every week, so please indicate if you'd sign up for all 6 weeks or just the weeks when you can't attend class elsewhere.


Zoom Dance Class - WILL MOST LIKELY REMAIN ON TUESDAY - 6.45-7.45pm

Zoom Dance Fitness Class - either Mon or Wed ≈ 9.30-10.30am


If you're interested in any of the following bundles: YouTube Dance Class, Dance Fitness Class or Both (Full Bundle), please let me know.