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This section gives you a general overview of the term dates, however, I recommend you visit the relevant class page for the class at which you attend, to see specific dates. There are sometimes variations due to Bank Holidays or venue changes and specific details like these are outlined in more detail on the relevant pages.

"If you're feeling low, a bit sluggish or just want a bit of fun, Lisa's Strictly Dancing is where you need to be. Dance on your own but among friends, learn a new routine each week; even if you have never danced before you will immediately be enjoying the exercise and the company, and by the end of the class you will feel energised and happy, if a little warm! And remember, music and dance are good for the brain too - in fact Strictly Dancing is quite simply the whole package!"


Jean, Arundel



The summer term ends on Thursday 27th July.







The Autumn Term will be split into two blocks of classes:


Autumn 1 will begin from Monday 4th September and end on Thursday 12th October. There will be two weeks off from Monday 16th October to Thursday 26th October (which incorporates the school half term week).


Autumn 2 starts from Monday 30th October and end on Thursday 7th December for the majority of classes. There are three exceptions as it stands at the moment: Shoreham Dance Class (Mon), Brighton Dance Class (Tue) and Steyning FitSteps (Thur). If you attend any of these three classes see below.



The three classes listed above each have one week during Autumn 2 where there won't be a class and so I will teach an extra week after all the other classes have finished:


Shoreham Dance Class: No class on Monday 4th December - instead you'll have class Monday 11th December


Brighton Dance Class: No class on Tuesday 14th November - instead you'll have class Tuesday 12th December


Steyning FitSteps Class: No class on Thursday 16th November - instead you'll have class Thursday 14th December.


PLEASE NOTE: Classes don't coincide exactly with school terms and there are no classes on Bank Holiday Mondays.