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There's three different types of class on offer. Remember none of them involve partner dancing. All classes are taught in lines.


To make it clearer I've listed each type of class below with a brief summary to help you work out which class might be of interest to you. The intensity of the workout is indicated, but merely a rough guideline.


For more information on each type of class, including the individual timetables, either click on the relevant links below or select the relevant option from the sub-menu above.

Dance Class


Low-Moderate Intensity


The focus of this class is on learning how to dance with just one routine/style being taught each week. A whole host of different styles will be covered over the course of the weeks/months so you'll get lots of variety. Some weeks will be more energetic than others, but generally it's good exercise for the brain and the body without it being too intensive.

Please note I don't offer classes focusing on one style only ie Salsa. If you want to learn just one style there are other people who offer this kind of class.

Dance Fit


Moderate Intensity


This class is aimed at improving fitness but not at too high an intensity. It's a bit like interval training, where you'll have bouts of lower intensity and higher intensity dancing, because I'll include slow, moderate and fast tempo music. This class allows you to pace yourself because before each track I'll run through the steps we're about to dance, so you won't be 'on-the-go' all the time. It's a good workout and you'll still have to exercise the brain too when trying to remember each routine.

Styles of dance covered in all of the above classes include, but are not limited to: Musical Theatre, Jazz, Disco, Bollywood, Charleston, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, plus all the Ballroom and Latin styles.



Moderate to Higher Intensity


FitSteps has been created by Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite from Strictly Come Dancing, together with world champion swimmer Mark Foster and a group of hand picked health and fitness professionals. Much like Dance Fit the classes are structured like interval training with a mix of slow, moderate and fast tempo music. However, this class exclusively incorporates only the Ballroom and Latin dance styles. You'll be 'on-the-go' throughout the session so it's more of an aerobic workout than the other classes I offer, but is not as vigorous a workout as an aerobics or zumba class.

Remember, the good thing about all of these classes is that you can work at a level that is comfortable for you. What you get out of each class depends on what you put in!

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Types of Class

"From Bossa to Bollywood, Chicago to Charleston even Thriller, Lisa guides us through a different dance each week, step by step. We don't dance with partners, I go with my sister and friends, and along with husbands and wives, mothers and daughters we enjoy the fun and effort of dancing which is apparent from the occasional laughter echoing around the hall."


Joey, Shoreham

As with all types of fitness class, how intense you find it will depend on your age, ability and current fitness level. Plus, how much you get out of the session will depend on how much effort you put in! It's possible to dance at a lower level of intensity if you wish to (such as when learning new moves) but you can also get a far better workout if you put more energy into your moves, which is how you can get a higher intensity workout.