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I'm keen to keep everyone dancing through these challenging times. However, music licencing laws state that music can't be played during pre-recorded videos or live streaming without permission (and paying for the rights to do this). Unfortunately, it's prohibitive because it's a complicated and costly process. So I'm looking at ways I can adapt. One such way is to use royalty free music. So far I've managed to use this for my warm up and cool down videos (now available on my YouTube Channel). I've also come up with a way to teach a dance class but without using the music (see below).


You can either watch videos from here (with the full screen option available in the bottom right hand corner once the video is open) or you can view them in another tab from the YouTube website directly. You'll need to type in Strictly Dancing With Lisa to find the channel and then I recommend (and encourage) you to SUBSCRIBE which should give you quicker access in the future and will also help me (eg improve ranking).

I've also posted two videos based on the Bollywood Dance Class for J'ai Ho that I've choreographed. It's a bit of a trial run to see how that goes for anyone that wants to give it a try. Those who have done the routine with me before previously at class will definitely have the advantage!


I've created The Lesson and The Dance on YouTube (both without music). The Lesson video shows you all the moves and the sequence in which to dance them, with short run-throughs for each section. The Dance is quite literally me dancing to the music - only you won't be able to hear it! I've switched off the audio. The idea being that you cue up the music at home on your own devices (eg CDs, iTunes, Spotify) and have the video playing whilst you dance it at home. Getting the video and music cued at the same time might be a challenge, but let's see how that goes!


The version of the song I've used is featuring A R Rahman and last 3:42 in duration, just so you can make sure you download or access the same version of the song as me.


To help with all of that, I've also posted the notes in the relevant section under Materials heading (above) to assist with remembering the order of the moves!


Have fun! Let me know how it goes!

Bollywood Dance Class - J'ai Ho

The Lesson

The Dance