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• A YouTube Pre-recorded Dance Fitness Class Video


• A few shorter videos of a couple of the routines used in the longer video


• Music suggestions for the dance styles covered in any given week across different genres and decades


• A Spotify Playlist with the above listed tracks


• Bonus video with a breakdown of an individual dance move


• Access to the videos on YouTube for the remainder of 2020

Below is the outline of what you can expect from the YouTube Dance Class Bundle each week

The video will be a combination of the FitSteps and Dance Fit Classes I usually teach. I've outlined this a bit more on the Online Package - Outline page. I'll put together a complete workout, but much like with the YouTube Dance Class video it won't included the warm up, stretching and cool down as there are already these videos posted on my YouTube Channel. The session lasts about 50 mins, however, I'll be creating the videos in two parts, which will easily follow on from one another if you want the complete class, but equally, could be danced separately (approx. 25 mins each) if you have less time.

The idea with this package is to recreate, as much as possible, the kind of Dance Fitness class you might normally have. But I also appreciate some people prefer the short fitness videos as it's easier to dip in and out of (5 mins each) or mix them up. With that in mind, I'll take a couple of routines from the longer routine and make shorter videos each week so you can still do this. As the weeks progress and you get more and more routines in the different dance styles you'll have greater choice in how you make up your own fitness workout.