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• A Live Streamed Zoom Dance Class on Tuesdays from 6.30 to 8pm


• Notes to accompany each Dance Class to help with remembering the order of the steps


• Dance video (YouTube) showing you the routine we dance in the class so you can practice/repeat it


• Bonus video with a breakdown of an individual dance move

Below is the outline of what you can expect from the Zoom Dance Class Bundle each week

Every Tuesday whilst we are in lockdown, there will be a weekly live streamed Zoom Dance Class. There will be time to say hello and get set up, before beginning the warm up and stretch at 6.45pm. The chosen dance routine for the evening will begin at about 7pm and end around 7.45pm after dancing it all the way through twice at the end of music. There will then be the chance to chat afterwards, or ask questions etc. Each week will be a different dance style.


Those that sign-up will be sent a link to register with Zoom in order to acquire the relevant log in information to join the session. This will need to be done in advance of the class start time. The registration process is an added step to increase security and prevent unauthorised people trying to Zoom-bomb the session.